We need you to judge the July 4th Cannonball Contest!


Have you been practicing your form for the annual Cannonball Contest at the pool? If not, get on it! This Thursday we will celebrate July 4th in grand style, with contests and prizes throughout the day. This all forms the preface for the legendary Cannonball Contest–who creates the most splash? Forms the tightest ball? Offers the most enthusiasm? So much fun for adults and children!

2018 winners: are you ready to be challenged?

The contest cannot happen without some judges to evaluate the myriad types of cannonballs offered up by our pool members. Will you help? If so, contact Betsy Tornquist at ehtornquist@yahoo.com.

Cannot judge, but want to help out with other events (such as Watermelon Wednesday and S’mores Sunday)? Let Betsy know. We welcome all volunteers!

Don’t forget that the pool will not host Charlie’s Cafe on Thursday and the pool will close at 7 pm on Thursday due to the July 4th holiday!

See you at the pool!

Great people! Great pool! Great cannonballs!

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