The Pool Manager has full charge of Corporation Facilities and is responsible for supervision of the staff in all phases of pool operation. They are empowered to make decisions concerning proper enforcement of the rules. They shall caution violators and, if necessary, suspend the pool privileges of persons willfully violating the rules. Such suspensions shall be for periods not to exceed the remainder of the day in which the infraction has occurred. Suspension of privileges for more than one day but up to a week may be made by the Manger with notice to the board of directors. Suspensions for longer than a week shall be made in accordance with the By-Laws. Any suggestion or complaint concerning the rules of their enforcement shall be made to the Pool Manager.

For purposes of the following rules, the pool enclosure is defined as the area within the fence. It includes walkway, picnic area, main pool and wading pool. The bathhouse is not considered to be within the pool enclosure.


The hours of normal operation will be posted on the bulletin board.
The pool may be reserved only for authorized special events.


Each member will individually sign the general register and list their share number before entering the bathhouse.
It will be the member’s responsibility to re-register if they have left the corporate facilities after their initial registration on any given day.

  1. All pool members and guests entering the pool house must check in at the front desk.
  2. The Pool Manager has the authority to close the pool if the air temperature falls below 69 degrees. If there is thunder or lightning, all patrons must exit the pool for 30 minutes. If there is lightning, all patrons must exit the pool deck and go into the pool house.
  3. Floats and rafts are permitted in the pool only during approved special events.
  4. Toys that shoot water may be used in the pool only, not in the grass or the pool house. Use common sense and consideration when playing with them.
  5. Children must be able to pass a basic swim skills test (aka the “patch test”) in order to swim in the diving well and use the diving boards and the slide. See the Pool Manager or a Lifeguard to take the basic swim skills test.
  6. Swimming lanes are to be used for people actively engaged in swimming laps. Avoid crossing through the swim lanes.
  7. Hanging/sitting on the lane ropes is not permitted.
  8. Pool members should not talk to or distract the lifeguards while they are monitoring the pool.
  9. A whistle is blown by the guards in the last 15 minutes of every hour for adult swim. No one under the age of 17 is permitted in the pool during adult swim time. (Adults may swim with infants/toddlers ages 2 and under).
  10. Pets are not allowed on the pool property except for special events.
  11. Bathing suits must be worn by all swimmers – no street clothes may be worn in the pool. Swim shirts are permitted.
  12. Items left at the pool will be stored in the Lost and Found. Unclaimed items will be discarded after one week.
  13. Children 11 years old and under must be accompanied by an adult.
  14. Any persons suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs shall be prohibited from entering the pool.
  15. Members may have private events at the pool but may not reserve tables, chairs, the pavilion, or any other space on the pool grounds for their events.
  16. Personal decorations (i.e., those not owned by the pool) are permissible provided they are not adhered to any permanent fixture at the pool (such as the bath house) and do not damage pool property. Decorations should be removed at the end of the event, and the area where the event took place should be left tidy. Please dispose of all garbage and return chairs/tables/umbrellas to their original locations.