Adelphi Pool Capital Improvements Progress and Plan

Each year we come to Adelphi to enjoy our classic pool. After 65 years of service, the time has come to plan major renovations. This page has information on the planning process that is already underway and important next steps. While the need is great, this is a rare and exciting opportunity to design the pool we will have for years to come.

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If you want to learn more about the renovation, please check out our Renovation FAQ. Want to get involved? Please email to reach our Co-Chairs, Rachel McNamara and Michele Pintur.

Project Timeline


Date Activity Status
Summer 2021 Topographical survey of property (detailed map required for design process) Completed
Fall 2021 Letter to Membership on Capital Improvements Sent October 2021
Fall 2021 Member survey on renovation priorities (and other topics) Completed, see results here
Fall 2021 Hired John Chadwick as our Project Manager to help with design, cost estimating, bid and contractor management, and permitting Engaged September 2021
Fall 2021 Finance Committee meets to work on financial plans for renovation Finance Committee memo to the Board: Financing the Adelphi Pool Renovation (requires login to view)
Fall 2021 Advisory Group (AG) meets to advise and make recommendations to Board and work on pool design Ongoing

Swim Team Presentation to Advisory Group regarding pool renovation needs, priorities and USA Swimming guidance

Fall 2021 Development of “Lane Lines” (our high-level design goals for renovation) Approved by Board January 2022
Fall 2021 Preparation of geotechnical report (necessary for stormwater management planning) Completed January 2022
Winter 2022 Annual Membership Meeting; agenda will include updates on capital improvements Tuesday, February 8, 2022 at 7 PM. Slides available here.
Winter/Spring 2022 Development of conceptual designs for pool.

Charette March 15, 2022 – in person

Charette Follow-up March 29, 2022 – virtual


Accessibility Focus Group April 19, 2022 -virtual

Charette- Summary March 15

Charette- Introduction/Education Video

Charette- Member Designs March 15 File 1 of 2File 2 of 2

Charette Follow-Up Presentation

Focus Group Feedback

Winter/Spring 2022 Engagement of civil engineering firm to assess stormwater management requirements

Civil Engineer Provides stormwater management options and new ADA ramp options based on four concept plans provided by Advisory Group -May 2022

Engaged January 2022

Replace in Kind with Ramp option A

Replace Main Pool in Kind, new baby pool & intermediate pool with Ramp B

Expand Main Pool, replace in kind baby pool with Ramp C

Expand Main Pool, new baby pool and intermediate pool with Ramp D

Spring 2022 Development of cost estimates for conceptual designs Completed Spring 2022
Spring 2022 Member meeting (May 16, 2022) on renovation plans: designs, costs, financing, membership vote. Presentation slides and recording of the presentation and Q&A (login required)

3D Presentation Graphic of Replace in Kind

3D Presentation Graphic of Expanded Pool Option -View 1

3D Presentation Graphic of Expanded Pool Option -View 2

Spring 2022 Assessment of zoning feasibility and options Memo from zoning attorney
Summer 2022 Membership vote on design options and financial options (end of Phase 1) Membership Ballot Information

Membership votes to proceed with renovation and selects expanded pools option.

Summer 2022 Zoning and permitting processes begin (Phase 2 begins after membership vote) September 2022
Summer 2022 Bidding process for pool builder Complete – Contracted with Elite Pools in September 2022 for pre-construction services.
Summer 2022-Summer 2023 Zoning, permitting, development of detailed design, close on loan December 2022 – filed first permit submittal documents

August 2023 – Construction contract awarded to NVBlu.


Fall 2023 Construction begins (Phase 3 begins), Close on Loan November – Demolition began and and new pools excavated

December 2023 – Loan closed with Sandy Spring Bank.

Spring 2024 Construction completed Ongoing, and on schedule
Summer 2024 (Opening Day) New pool opens! Planned May 25, 2024