What is the difference between a seasonal membership and a share membership?

Why should I buy a share? What is the difference between a seasonal membership and a share membership?

Share Members pay a one-time fee of $200 and become shareholders of Adelphi Recreation, Inc.  Share Members are eligible to hold a position on the Board of Directors and are able to vote on decisions made at the Annual Shareholder Meeting.

All share members are automatically guaranteed the ability to join the pool in the following season, but seasonal members may only join the the next season if there are spaces available. In the recent past there have always been spaces available for seasonal members and we continue to invite new members to join either as seasonal or as share members. However, our membership continues to grow and there will come a time when we have no more spaces available. At that time, seasonal members will no longer be able to join the pool.

On a more practical level, the annual dues for Share Members are less than those for Seasonal Members (currently they are $50 less), so if you plan on being with us for a few summers, it’s a more cost-effective option and it is the option that guarantees you future access to the pool.

In addition, for the past several years, we gave each share member 5 free guest passes. This will continue again this year, another bonus for joining!

How cold does it have to be to close the pool?

It’s been chilly, or it’s raining hard. How do I know if the pool will be closed?

The pool operating status should be listed on the web page in the upper right corner, or if closed, as a message on the front page.

Weather-related, specifically, the pool closes:

  • if the air temperature is less than 69 degrees F
  • if there is thunder or lightning, the pool is closed for 30 minutes
  • if it’s raining so hard the lifeguards cannot see the bottom of the pool

What does my kid need to do to get a job at the pool?

Please find information about employment at the following site:

The board does not get involved in hiring decisions, but we really like it when our pool is staffed with kids who grew up here.

How does the cashless front desk work?

Front Desk Snack and Guest Fee Payment FAQs

How can I pay for snacks and guest fees?

We accept credit and debit via Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diner’s Club, Apple Pay and Adelphi Pool issued gift cards.

We no longer accept cash or checks.

If you no longer take cash is there a minimum charge to use a card?

No, we accept payment in any amount now that we are cash free.

What should I do if I send my kid to the pool and s/he wants a snack (too young for a debit card)?

We accept Visa/MC/AmEx gift cards that you can purchase from somewhere like the grocery story or 7/11 in advance of your child’s visit to the pool. Members may also purchase a reloadable Adelphi Pool snack card for your child to use. If your child has a smart phone s/he may also use Apple Pay.

How does the new Adelphi Pool reloadable snack card work?

We offer both a plastic physical snack card or a digital snack card for purchase.

Plastic reloadable snack card

We offer physical (plastic) reloadable cards for purchase at the front desk in any amount. We ask that all members write their name and phone number on their cards in case you misplace your card somewhere around the pool.

Digital snack card (Smartphone required)

We also offer digital snack cards. These are available for purchase at the front desk in any amount. The digital card will be sent to you via email or text message. From there you will receive a link to sign up for the Gyft app to manage your digital gift card. This will create both a card number and a QR code that can be used to purchase items at the front desk.

Can I pay for guest fees with the new snack card?


Where are you located?

Are you across the street from the old Ledo’s Pizza?

Hi. No, that’s a different pool, but it does have a giant dolphin on it and it is close to Adelphi Road, so we can understand your confusion. We’re on Riggs Road, East of Adelphi Road. The zip code is formally Hyattsville, but it’s surrounded by Adelphi.

Here’s a link to the map.

9442 Riggs Road
Hyattsville, MD 20783