Swim Lesson Offerings for Members 2021

Adelphi Pool is pleased to offer swim lesson options for members this summer!
For youngest members WeAquatics offers their Infant Program for ages 0-4. Their Learn to Swim program is for ages 4+ with zero swim experience or for further stroke development needed. Lessons (including makeups) are scheduled and paid for directly through the WeAquatics website. Adelphi Pool members are receiving a discounted rate. EXPANDED HOURS AND SUNDAYS COMING SOON! Please keep checking WeAquatics website for updates as they add instructors.
For our members who know how to swim but would like further stroke technique development, one of our very own Dolphins Swim Team coach and a selection of our member lifeguards are available for private instruction. Their contact information is posted below. Please contact them directly for scheduling and pricing.
For our adult members who would like to learn how to swim, you may contact either WeAquatics or our own staff to set up private lessons.
Please note these lessons are a members only benefit. Adelphi Pool is not benefiting financially from any lessons. Friends, neighbors and relatives are not eligible to take lessons at our pool this season.


WeAquatics will offer Learn-To-Swim (LTS) 1:1 (private) 30-minute lessons at a rate of $40 per lesson and semi-private or 2:1 30-minute (2 students to one instructor) lessons at a rate of $30 per lesson per student. The registration fee for LTS
lessons (1:1 and 2:1) is $40 per student.
WeAquatics will also offer
Infant Swimming Resource (ISR) lessons to Adelphi Pool members at a rate of $875 per student. The registration fee for ISR lessons is $105 paid directly to ISR at the time of registration. These lessons will meet 5 days/week for 10-minutes in each lesson.
LTS lessons are available to children at least four years old, or ISR graduates. Adults are welcome. All registration and scheduling will be handled through WeAquatics’ website.
WeAquatics has been providing lessons for over 13 years and come highly recommended by some of our members. You can find more information here: https://weaquatics.com/classes/

Adelphi Pool Coaches and Lifeguards Available for Lessons Summer 2021:

Please contact the instructors directly for scheduling and pricing.
Swim Coach
Hannah Betke: hbetke04@gmail.com
Odinn Waguespack: odinnwag@gmail.com
Serena Gonder-Leach: ser.gonder.lea@gmail.com
Mikayla Stephens: mikayla.stephens05@gmail.com
Sophia Becraft: sophia.adele.b@gmail.com