Committee Descriptions below, please contact the appropriate board member via email found at the Pool Board Page to join their committee.

Recreation: Think extra events. Teen night, S’mores, watermelon, etc. If you can help plan these events or chaperone, decorate or clean up, this is the place for you.


  • maintenance and buildings: We don’t test the levels of chemicals in the pool, but we monitor almost everything else that happens at the pool. If you have electrical, plumbing, painting, or carpentry skills (or would love to work next to someone who does), this is the committee for you!
  • landscaping and gardening: If you have horticultural or landscaping skills this is the place for you. We need a tree planting campaign and could use enthusiasm and experience (not necessarily in the same person)

Operations: We make sure that the day to day activities of the pool function well. If you are at the pool frequently, you can be trained in how to support the people at the front desk or how to answer questions about things happening at the pool. If you have experience in retail operations or customer relations, this is a good place for you to pitch in. This committee also helps to make sure that reservations for parties works well and our grills are functional and useful. Food trucks and music are also part of the responsibilities of this committee.

Finance: This is more serious, but if you have fundraising, tax or bookkeeping skills or you understand how small nonprofits work, consider volunteering to assist our treasurer as she balances the books.

Membership:  This committee keeps track of our current members, designs ad campaigns to attract new members and manages the web presence of the pool. Website design skills, marketing knowledge and database management skills are highly desirable.

Communications: This committee works with the membership committee. There is much to communicate outside of the fun events at our pool and we need savvy members to help us.