Adelphi Pool members are expected to contribute their time and skills each season to keep the pool functioning and affordable. As the season progresses, we will record the actual contributions in your family account.

Contribution options:

  • During the season contribute a specific skill
  • Help the front desk
  • Join and assist a committee during the season (for information about committees go here)

Use the form to indicate option(s) you are selecting. You can do more than one thing. 

You can complete and submit a separate form for each member of your family. Please provide the best email address for each individual.

The swim team and the pool are different organizations when it comes to volunteering. Your activities for the team do not count for the pool and your activities for the pool do not count for the team.

Volunteer Availability

Use this form to indicate your willingness and availability for Volunteer Tasks

  • Hidden
  • Share or Account Number. If you log into the system these are listed on your account page. If you don't know what it is, don't worry
    Please enter a number from 1 to 1000.
  • For busy times the first week, we need volunteers to help the front desk with check in and registration. Training will be provided
  • Please input any skills you can offer to the pool. This can include equipment (do you have a pick up truck you are willing to use for the pool?) skills (are you a good photographer?), or even discounted services (are you a plumber or contractor?)
  • Please choose from among the following committees. See adelphipool.org/about/committees for more information.