New Guest Policy starting July 10, 2021

Guest policies:

  • There is no limit to the number of guests a member may bring on weekdays, but on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, each membership household may bring a maximum of five guests.
  • As your guests’ host, you are responsible for your guests and must remain on the premises while your guests are present.
  • Guests must follow all pool rules. Because members are responsible for guests, including ensuring they are aware of and follow pool rules, only members 18 and older can host guests.
  • All paid guests are allowed access to the pool until closing time as long as their host is present.

Guest fees:

  • You must pre-pay all guest fees through your online account by purchasing guest credits. Here is a simple How-To Guide to purchase credits.
  • Credits cost $1 each and can only be purchased online. You cannot purchase guest credits from the front desk staff. (You can purchase them on your phone.)
  • If you have guest credits on your account from previous years, you can use them. Please log into your account to check your current balance.
  • Fees apply to guests of all ages whether or not they intend to swim.
  • Guest fees are not refundable and expire at the end of each pool season.


  • Monday through Thursday, the fee for each guest (any age) is 10 credits ($10).
  • On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, the fee for each guest (any age) is 15 credits ($15).