Adelphi Pool Capital Improvements FAQ

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Why are we planning a renovation?

You may be aware that this past season we needed to make significant (and costly) repairs to the pool.  At 65 years old, our pool is 15 years past its expected lifespan and in need of major renovations.

We must overhaul our pool’s surfaces, replace our leaking systems that use 3.5 times more water than they should, and do other work to come into compliance with current codes. While the need is great, this is a rare and exciting opportunity to design the pool we will have for years to come.

Which parts of the facility are in the scope?

The main pool, baby pool, decks, pump room, and all pool features (i.e., slide, diving board) are in scope. The pool is the most urgent and significant capital improvement and will require substantial resources. The bathhouse was replaced about 20 years ago and is not included in the project. Replacement of the parking lot is also not in the scope of the project.

When will construction commence?

The current plan is to break ground in September 2023 and complete construction before Opening Day 2024. The intention is for all work to take place in the off-season.

Why aren’t we starting sooner?

Permitting, design, zoning, and financing all require substantial lead time. We believe September 2023 is the soonest practical date.

Who is making decisions about the renovation?

In general, the Board makes strategic and financial decisions for our organization, but the pivotal decision on design and financing will be by membership vote. The Advisory Group for the renovation (chaired by Rachel McNamara and Michele Pintur,, and the Finance Committee (chaired by Max Hodal, are both providing recommendations to the Board.

The Board will present options to members at a membership meeting. Members will then vote on design and financing options, which will ultimately determine the path we take.

All members in good standing are Voting Members (we do not currently have non-voting seasonal members) and as per by-laws, all members, including Board members, have one vote per household.

When will the membership vote be?

Summer 2022.

Who can vote?

Per our by-laws, each Voting Membership in good standing has one vote.

Who is managing the project?

In addition to the Pool Board and the Advisory Group for Pool Renovations overseeing the project on behalf of the membership, the Board has retained a Project Manager, John Chadwick. In Phase I, he is organizing bidding, overseeing contractors, and assisting with design and cost estimates.

Can we postpone the renovation?

There are several risks and drawbacks to postponing the renovation described in our planning factors. The age and condition of our pool mean we spend tens of thousands on repairs annually. We estimate that we use 3.5 times more water than we should, which also costs thousands annually. Our pool and pipes are well beyond their expected lifespan.

How much will it cost?

Our very preliminary estimates of the cost of renovation are approximately $2.7-$3.3 million. We will update these estimates as we know more; construction costs have been changing rapidly during the pandemic, and design and permitting requirements will also affect the ultimate cost. To cover whatever costs we face, we expect to use a mix of upfront payments and long-term loans. Adelphi Pool members can find additional information here (login required).

How will we pay for it?

We expect a combination of upfront payments and long-term loans. Our organization currently has no debt, and we are building up our cash reserves.

How can members participate?

In addition to our Fall 2021 member survey, there are ongoing opportunities to participate in committees supporting the renovation, including our Finance Committee and the Advisory Group. Members will have opportunities to weigh in on the design process. In Summer 2022 we plan to have a membership vote on conceptual design and financing.

What will the new pool look like?

In Winter 2022 and Spring 2022, we will be working with our Project Manager and civil engineers on preliminary designs. Members will have opportunity to participate in design. Design will be determined by member input, code requirements, zoning, and cost and guided by the “Lane Lines” developed by the Advisory Group.