Adelphi Pool Renovation Ballot Information

Adelphi Pool members are voting on whether or not to proceed with the proposed pool renovation package. The proposed renovation package includes three elements:

  1. Design (members choose between two conceptual options)
  2. Timeframe for project construction (September 2023 to May 2024)
  3. Plan for financing, including a bank loan (project financing memo)

At more than 65 years old, Adelphi Pool is well past its 50-year intended lifespan. The renovation would address our ongoing infrastructure risks, including pipe failure and structural damage, as outlined in the 2020 assessment.

Members should be aware that regardless of the outcome of the vote on the proposed renovation package, the Board has determined a need to take additional financial measures in 2023 to address ongoing pool operations, maintenance, and capital improvement requirements. These measures include:

What happens if we vote YES on Question 1 to fund, take debt, and proceed with the proposed renovation package?

We proceed with the proposed renovation package, including:

  • Design: We advance one of the options (Question 2) toward construction.
  • Timeframe: We begin construction in September 2023 for an estimated May 2024 completion.
  • Financing:
    • We take a loan to finance the majority of the project cost (more on the implications of debt here).
    • We implement a one-time assessment paid by all memberships of up to $100 for Question 2, Option A (replace-in-kind) or up to $350 for Question 2 Option B (expanded pools) due by May 1, 2023.
    • We secure a commitment of 60 memberships to prepay five years of dues and capital improvement fees at 2022 rates ($4,039).

What happens if we vote NO on Question 1 to fund, take debt, and proceed with renovation?

We do not proceed with the proposed renovation package at this time. We vote to delay. This does not preclude the possibility that a future proposal for pool renovation be presented to the membership for consideration. This means:

  • We do not take on a loan or have a one-time assessment in 2023, and we will not start construction in 2023.
  • The pool has more time to gather resources to pay for the renovation.
  • We continue to risk failures that may result in short-term or long-term closure of the pool
  • We continue to spend money (currently tens of thousands annually) on stopgap repairs and wasted water due to leaks

If the majority of membership votes to delay the board will come back to members to gather additional information and determine a path forward, if one exists.

If you voted to delay, what was the primary reason?

  • Financial impact
  • Pool design
  • Timeline of delivery
  • Planning not to be a member

What are Option A and Option B in Question 2 and what do they mean?

In Question 2, members select the preferred conceptual design (more on the design process here)  to pursue should the membership vote to proceed in Question 1:

  • Option A (3D View): design maintains existing footprint (“replace-in-kind”) (up to $100 assessment)
  • Option B (3D View 1, 3D View 2): design increases footprint (up to $350 assessment)

How will voting happen?

Your participation is vital and we strongly encourage all membership households to vote. Voting will be online, and you will receive instructions on how to vote on or around July 1, 2022. There is one vote per membership and for the vote to be valid 50% of memberships must participate.

What will the ballot look like?

Question 1: Should we go forward with the current funding and renovation plan?

YES, I authorize the Board to borrow up to $2,500,000 on behalf of Adelphi Recreation Incorporated, authorize a one-time per membership assessment of up to $350, and direct the Board to proceed with the pool renovation project.

NO, I do not authorize debt or an assessment at this time. I understand that this decision does not preclude a future proposal and vote to authorize debt and an assessment.

Question 2: Should a majority of the membership vote YES on Question 1 to proceed with the proposed renovation package, I prefer:

Option A (3D View): Replace-In-Kind

Pools of similar size and shape. Expected per-membership assessment is $100


Option B (3D View 1, 3D View 2): Expanded Pools

Expansion of pools with T-shaped main pool to accommodate six 25-meter lap lanes, expanded and reconfigured auxiliary pools. Expected per-membership assessment is $350