October 2021 Letter to Members

Dear Members,

You may be aware that this past season we needed to make significant (and costly) repairs to the pool.  At 65 years old, our pool is 15 years past its expected lifespan and in need of major renovations. This email provides you with information on the planning process that is already underway and important next steps. While the need is great, this is a rare and exciting opportunity to design the pool we will have for years to come.

In the spring of 2020, we commissioned an architect and builder to survey our pool’s condition and code deficiencies. This study showed that we must overhaul our pool’s surfaces, replace our leaking systems that use 3.5 times more water than they should, and do other work to come into compliance with current codes.

The Finance Committee recognized the financial implications of the survey and strain it would place on our budget. To prepare for this, the Committee recommended we increase membership and add a Capital Improvement Fee to be paid by all returning members beginning in 2021. The board adopted these recommendations, resulting in significant improvements in our financial position.

Our very preliminary estimates of the cost of renovation are approximately $2-$2.5 million. We will update these estimates as we know more; construction costs have been changing rapidly during the pandemic, and design and permitting requirements will also affect the ultimate cost. To cover whatever costs we face, we expect to use a mix of upfront payments and long-term loans.

The current plan is to start work in September 2023 and complete all work before Opening Day in 2024. So far, many of our preparations have been behind the scenes. For example, this summer we completed a topographical survey of our property to prepare for the design and permitting work, reached out to boards of other pools to learn about their experiences with construction and financing, and met with a project manager who has managed renovations at other local pools.

Part of the next stage is to reach out to you. Please take the time to respond to the member survey coming this fall.  Member responses will inform priorities for the renovation as well as decisions about pool operations. If we have piqued your interest, there will be many opportunities for members to learn about the project, offer input, and get involved. We will continue to report on renovation progress and plan to offer opportunities to participate in financial and renovation planning.

After reading this email, you may have some questions. I will answer them as best I can. We will have more information to share with members at our Annual Membership Meeting this winter. I hope to see you there.

Elisabeth Newcomb Sinha
Adelphi Pool President
Great People, Great Pool