Registration for the 2019 season is open for existing members. Early Bird Discounts end April 30! 

Shareholder and seasonal memberships are available, but sign up on the wait list now to ensure your spot.

Wait List applicants will be notified on or about May 1 to purchase their membership.

There are two basic types of membership: shareholder and seasonal.

Shareholders are entitled to many benefits including: early-bird discounts, reduced annual membership fees, the ability to serve on the Board, the right to cast a vote on issues at the annual meetings, the use of a number of free guest credits, and a guaranteed spot at the pool in subsequent years (while in good standing). Shareholder status is a one-time $200 purchase.

Seasonal, (non-share memberships) – full access to all pool amenities and programs.  This membership is for the current pool season only and does not guaranteed your spot at the pool in subsequent seasons.

A breakdown of different types of family memberships and the associated fees are below.

The first step to submit your membership application (Shareholders or Seasonal) is to fill out the form:
Shareholder Price Seasonal  Price
Family Membership $660 $710
Couple Membership $495 $545
Single Membership $415 $465
Single Parent Family Membership $525 $575


  • Family Membership – 2 adult household + kids
  • Single Parent Family Membership – 1 adult household + kids
  • Couple – 2 adults, no kids
  • Single – one adult 18 and over