Adelphi Pool Capital Improvement “Lane Lines”

To guide decisions throughout the renovation planning process, the Advisory Group and Board have developed five “Lane Lines.” These principles reflect the work the pool has done to date, including the site assessment and membership survey, and summarize the goals and priorities of the renovation. These will provide focus on what is appropriate to consider as part of the plan and identify what is beyond the scope of the project.

Adelphi Pool Lane Lines

Approved by the Board in January 2022

  1. We will design and build a pool that will last another 50 years at the best value to pool members.
  2. Transparency and consideration of the pool’s long-term financial position will underlie all decisions.
  3. Our design choices will prioritize corrections of existing deficiencies in infrastructure and pool configuration.
  4. Our design choices will be made with an eye toward improved accessibility and user experience.
  5. Our design choices will reflect member input.