Note of appreciation for Don and Dawn


Dawn Nichols and Don Badrak are retiring from the pool board.

Sue Wagner (former president) has sent along the following comments about their service, particularly the roles they play in our recent transformation:

“Dawn took over membership when we were down to only just over 100 memberships. She launched the most impressive marketing campaign on every neighborhood list serve from here to Delaware. She brought in people from the PG pool wait list, and Oakview and College Park Woods Pools, which both closed in recent years. She lured in new members with open houses, food trucks and Maui Wowie. She has been the face of Adelphi for 8 years in managing membership, social events, birthday parties, and everything else. She gracefully handles conflicts and complaints, and is a tireless advocate of the membership in board meetings.


“She has also helped score pool furniture from Craigslist, sat at Franklins for countless hours each year taking membership forms and greeting people coming to our annual all-day fundraiser, and is the originator of our Adelphi motto – Great People, Great Pool.


“Don took a membership database that was written in pencil and stored in a binder at the front desk to an actual computerized system. He created and launched online registration for both membership and the swim team. He enabled us to pay via Paypal. He created the website from scratch. He got Wi-Fi at the pool. He automated the snack bar and snack card process. He translated technical advances into language that those of us who liked the paper and pencil database could understand. He continued to push for innovation in every area it could help us. In addition, he has tackled jungle-like overgrowth, patching the pool, cleaning, scrubbing, painting, caulking, repairing tables, chairs, and all the little things that get the pool open in the spring.”


In addition, I would like to personally thank Dawn and Don. I joined a board that had already implemented the innovations that Sue mentions. Don and Dawn set the example of hardworking board members who could still come to a board meeting and be civil with each other.


We owe them a debt of gratitude for their significant effort for the pool.


Ken Leonard

President, Adelphi Recreation Inc.


Great People, Great Pool (and please pay online by credit card)!


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