Welcome to the 2019 Season

The pool opens at 10:30 on Saturday May 25th and the big splash is at 10:45.

Here are some of the things to remember and new things to expect.

New website

Not only do we have a new registration system, we have a new website. You should use this website to

  • Check the calendar for activities Calendar
  • Check the twitter feed for information about weather closures, etc 
  • Reserve space for parties Reservations
  • Sign up for the weekly pool email (you are receiving this email as part of a membership list which we will only use a couple times a year for essential announcements).

Cashless Front Desk

Please buy a snack card for food and drink using your credit card and use your credit card for other expenses like guest fees and party reservations. Why? Cashless is safer for the staff at the front desk and is easier for the board. Read more about the details online. For more information about how this will work go to FAQ

New check in procedure

Expect to check in with someone at the front desk every time you come to the pool. Expect to give them the names of everyone in your group. Expect them to ask you to upload your picture to the database, or, if it isn’t too crowded, to offer to take your picture and upload it for you.

New party reservation process

If you want to reserve a space for a party, please do so by following the instructions at https://adelphipool.org/reservations/ Note that East Picnic (next to the pavilion) and Northwest picnic sites will always be first-come-first-serve.

New water bottle filler

OK, this isn’t new; we had it last year. But we want you to know it is there and we want you to use it.

New Tree

One tree isn’t enough, but it’s better than nothing. We are looking for people to join and/or lead the tree planting campaign the pool desperately needs. Come to the facilities / landscaping committee meetings and pitch in.

Continuing to Build a Community

Our pool is growing and the board is committed to bringing in new members without changing the character of our pool. We are not a community pool, we are a pool community because our community is created at the pool. How are we going to continue to do this? We are asking you to join one of two committees at the pool and learn about how it functions and how we make it a community. Please sign up here

Parking Lot

We don’t have a new parking lot, and parts of the lot continue to deteriorate. The board knows this and it is part of our long term strategy to defer the expensive repairs on the parking lot until we have made all the repairs needed for the pool. We are a pool, not a parking lot, and our priorities reflect that.

Coal Beds

Did you know the water in our pool filters through 38 tonnes of gravel and anthracite coal originally formed over 300 million years ago? Neither did we.

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