Home Meet: Takoma Park at Adelphi Dolphins (June 18 2016)

Adelphi Wins over Takoma Park, 317-237


Congratulations to each and everyone one of you on our first win in Division A! Everyone swam their hearts out and as a coach, I could not be more proud of all the swimmers today. Thank you to the parents for all your efforts in judging, cheering, timing, and parenting. It is so greatly appreciated.

We swam against a great team and we should be very happy with how we performed today. A lot of people went their best times and we had some truly incredible finishes! The coaches and I will continue to work with everyone on starts, turns, and finishes throughout the season along with stroke work. Let's have a good week of practice so that we are ready to face another very talented team, Kingfish Swim Club, next Saturday for our second meet.

1-0! What a great way to start the season! Great job Adelphi Dolphins!

Coach Sabrina
Coach Taylor


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