Adelphi Dolphins Win Mini Meet at Knights of Columbus (July 19 2015)

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Hi Mini Dolphins,

We hope everyone's getting excited about tomorrow's Mini Meet! We have 38 swimmers participating, so we'll have lots of great swims to watch. I won't be able to be there, so Andrew will serve as our team organizer.

The Knights of Columbus Prince George's Council Pool is located at 9450 Cherry Hill Road, College Park, MD 20740. Please arrive by 7:25AM. We have the first warm-up at 7:45AM and we need everyone on deck and ready to go at that time. It's a bit of a walk from the parking lot to our team area; the earlier you arrive the closer you can park. Our team area is shady but hilly. We'll bring a canopy but feel free to bring a couple more. Everyone will need a chair, including the kids!

Each team needs to provide parent volunteers. Adelphi will provide one S&T judge (thanks, Naomi), three timers, and one clerk of course. Please let me know tonight if you're interested in timing, or helping their clerks of course organize the Adelphi swimmers. Also, our coaches will be there but parents should know where their kids are at all times and should be getting them to the clerk of course (by the diving boards) for their events. The meet moves quickly so please follow along. Programs are usually $2 and are readily available.

Tomorrow will be very hot. Please, please, please make sure your kids have enough water to drink and light food to eat. PGC Pool has an extensive snack bar, but most of it is pretty heavy stuff. Also, the viewing area is right in the sun, so hats and sunscreen are a good idea. Honestly, for some reason this is always the hottest meet so come prepared.

I've received meet entry fees from most families, but please find Andrew tomorrow if you still need to pay.

Feel free to email me tonight if you have any questions. I wish I could see all those cuties swim tomorrow. Good luck everyone and bring home that big trophy for our team!!!



Our Ten & Unders won the Mini Meet on Sunday!! This meet was a lot of fun, and it was great to see our youngest swimmers have great success against swimmers that are actually their own age. We also had many, many best times across the board. Thanks so much to you all for coming out and helping to put on yet another meet. Congrats, Ten & Unders!

In lieu of our usual standout swims, we'd like to acknowledge all of the swimmers who swam season bests at the SBP meet and the Mini Meet. We had a lot of very significant improvement this year, and these swimmers are putting it all together at the right time. Good work, Dolphins!

Season-Best Times at SBP or KoC (in alphabetical order)

Miri Alexanderwicz x2
Audrey Badrak x3
Sam Badrak x3
Trent Badrak x3
Emilie Becraft
Isabelle Becraft x3
Sophia Becraft
Nina Berard x2
Hannah Betke
Jeanette Betke x3
Philip Bourque
Josh Brogi
Mary Anna Brogi
Keyla Brown x2
Marissa Brown
Marco Chavez x3
John Dawson
Alexis Debleeker
Anna DeVore
Nathan Ekman x2
Noah Ekman
Sydney Fiore x2
Beni Garcia x2
Julia Garcia x2
Will Gentle x2
Claire Giunta x2
Dominic Giunta
Thomas Groen x2
Graydon Hipple x2
Isabella Jackson x2
Ellie Kim
Sophie Kim
Madelyn Komins x2
Megan Leonard x2
Sarah Leonard
Sean Leonard
Amelia Lozano-Beckman
Marisa Lozano-Beckman x2
Ksenia Markel
Chloe Marth x2
Alex Morrissey
Patrick Morrissey
Lulu Mote x2
Madeleine Murphy
Emily Neher x3
Hana Neher
Annika Olson
Larissa Olson
Catherine Peterson x2
Surya Pukazhenthi x2
Camden Pundzak x3
Samuel Ramsey-Lucas
Caroline Ross x3
Gabe Roy x2
Liam Roy
Owen Roy x3
Emma Schultz x3
Eva Schultz
Zuzu Shoaff x2
Daniel Smith x2
Elle Suntum x3
Mina Suntum
Ava Tillman x2
Catherine Tornquist x2
Catherine Troiano x2
Zach Tschiffely x3
Henry Tuit Farquahar x2
Jonah Valverde
Lily Valverde x2
Grace Wagner
Sophie Wagner x3
Odinn Waguespack x2
Alyssa Webster x3
Jack Wible
Nancy Wible
Nathan Widman
Andrew Williams
Jordan Williams
Coleman Witte
Taylor Witte

That's a massive list. Way to go, guys! We're planning on continuing to swim best times at Divisionals this weekend.



Results are attached. Final scores:

  1. Adelphi Recreation Inc. 169
  2. Russett Sharks Swim Team 126
  3. Mvp Dolphins 104
  4. Greenbelt Municipal 94
  5. Green View Swim Team 92
  6. West Laurel Swim Team 92
  7. Northridge Swim Team 69
  8. Prince Georges Council 20