Adelphi Dolpins win 318-257 in Home Meet vs Fort Washington (July 4 2015)

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Congratulations on another excellent win!! We really exceeded all expectations yesterday, putting up a high-score mark for the season with our 318-257 win over the Sharks of Fort Washington. We braved the rain, sickness, and a whole lot of absences to pull this one out. By my count, we swam with about 80 of our 130 registered swimmers, which scared the dickens out of me. We often rely on our depth, and when we're only swimming two or three swimmers in an event, a lot can go wrong. But, everyone stepped up, and we had a number of huge swims in big spots. We outperformed our projections, which is phenomenal considering the amount of swimmers we were missing. We also had a large number of best times despite the cold weather. It was a great day of races from event 1 (what's more fun than out-touching a team to start the meet) to 49. Maybe we should swim in the rain every week.

Coaches' Ten Standout Swims of the Week (in no particular order)

  1. Sam Badrak's and Thomas Groen's 25m Freestyle
  2. Olivia Graham's 25m Freestyle
  3. Madelyn Komins's 50m Freestyle
  4. Trent Badrak's 50m Freestyle
  5. Mary Anna Brogi's 50m Butterfly
  6. Boys A 200m Medley Relay (Owen Roy, Andrew Williams, Coleman Witte, and Charlie Dawson)
  7. Liam Roy's 50m Backstroke (he left his sick bed to come swim this race!)
  8. Jeanette Betke's 50m Freestyle
  9. Philip Bourque's 50m Backstroke
  10. Emmaly Thompson's 25m Butterfly

As usual, thanks so much to all of you for your efforts and patience through the weather.

-- Coach Carl and Coach Sabrina


Our meet program for tomorrow is attached, and you can also find the usual info on Meet Mobile under "Fort Washington @ Adelphi" (just search Adelphi).


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