Summer Solstice (ish) at Adelphi Pool!

Come enjoy the pool for the Saturday of Summer Solstice (June 22nd).

Our normal hours are until 11:00 so this is a perfect time to enjoy the beautiful weather.

Make your own fun with the following:

  • A fire in the fire pit with plenty of chairs
  • A cooler by the pit for you to join us in “can-luck”: bring some drinks, take some drinks*
  • Corn hole toss games
  • Badminton game
  • Bring outdoor games you love to play and teach others how to play them.
  • The bandstand will be open for all musical acts (large and small) starting at 7:00 pm. Bring your instruments and/or voices and serenade us.
  • Open grills and great drinks, ice cream and slushies at the front desk as always.

* The cooler is for cans and plastic bottles only: please no glass.

And don’t forget to volunteer for recreation activities:

And book club Monday at 7:00
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