Soft Opening

A terrific team of members showed up to volunteer at our “soft opening” work day featuring our new check-in system, new snack card system and new umbrellas! WOW!

We pulled weeds, mulched, organized the front desk, stocked toilet paper and hand soap, organized baby pool toys…the list goes on! There is so much to do to get our pool ready for the season. A small team built our new ping pong table and fixed our old Foosball table .

A big effort by many of us was to arrange all of our various furniture. Some folks assembled and moved the picnic tables to their rightful places on the property. Some of us moved around the chairs and created seating arrangements around the pool and baby pool so we may enjoy each other’s company. We have arranged designated tables and chairs for the pavilion. Some of our younger volunteers washed the tables and it made a big difference!
We excitedly assembled and installed our new blue umbrellas across the pool! We think you are going to be thrilled with the results of our hard work.
Adephi Pool provided drinks, snacks and pizza for our volunteers.  Thank you to the members who showed up and worked hard!
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