August Voting Membership – Non-Refundable

This product is a full voting membership. This membership would be valid beginning Monday, July 29. From that day until Monday, September 2, when the pool closes, members can access the pool and the grounds and invite guests, the same as any other member.

This type of membership has a flat fee as listed below. That fee includes August dues ($450) as well as the new member ($250) fee.

It is open to all types of households but, as with all memberships, no more than two adults can be on one membership. Caregivers can be included on the account for a $150 fee, though members also have the option of paying for caregivers on a per-visit basis ($15 per day on weekends and holidays, $10 per day during the week) which might make more sense with fewer days left in the season.

Membership dues for subsequent years will be based on household type.

This membership confers voting status, and will come with an automatic offer of membership renewal in 2025.

Members with this status would pay the lower renewal rate for membership in 2025 rather than that charged to new members.

This membership fee is non-refundable and non-transferrable.