Member Renewal 2017


This is the place for renew your full share membership from last year. We are glad to have you back!  This form is only for existing full share members with a numeric membership number. Seasonal and first time members will need to use a different form (see below).

If you have in the past been a seasonal member (with a membership number starting with S16- or G16-), wish to join as a full member, please use the First Time Membership form.  If you instead choose to continue as a seasonal member, please use the Seasonal Membership form.

Examples of seasonal membership include groupon purchases, special promotions, pro-rated end of the season memberships, auction winners, and of course last years' seasonal members.

Membership Levels

Please select the appropriate membership level below.  If you were a seasonal member last year, this form is not for you.

  • FAMILY: two adults and one or more dependent children under 21
  • SINGLE: one adult 18 or over
  • COUPLE: two adults 18 or over
  • SINGLE PARENT: one adult and one or more dependent children under 21
  • ASSOCIATE: single or a couple who are member(s) in good standing for 15 years or more
Please select:
  • a membership type;
  • enter the optional number of additional household dependents (typically adult children);
  • enter the optional number of household residents.

* Fields with an asterisk are required
$ 75.00
21 and older by June 1st; full-time students exempted
$ 100.00
parent, in-law, sibling, nanny, son/daughter in-law

Your dues and fees help to pay for the upkeep and operation of the pool, but building a community around the pool requires the volunteer efforts of all of the members. Please volunteer to serve the pool in one of the following capacities. Select one of the options for more information on the opportunities listed below.
Please enter a Username to create an account. If you already have an account please login before completing this form.
Membership Information 2017

We need a bit of info about you and your household.
* Fields with an asterisk are required. 

Enter your numeric share number for full share members only. If you were a seasonal member last year, this form is not for you.
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