If you are new to the pool and would like a membership please add your name and contact information to the wait list. We will contact you when we have an opening.

At present we are offering only Voting Memberships.

Voting Members are entitled to many benefits including: reduced annual membership fees, the ability to serve on the Board, the right to cast a vote on issues at the annual meetings, the use of a number of free guest credits, and a guaranteed spot at the pool in subsequent years (while in good standing). Voting Membership is a one-time $200 non-refundable purchase .

A breakdown of different types of memberships and the associated dues are below. Annual dues are non-refundable.

At this time Family and Single Parent Family Memberships may purchase a house guest (additional person on account) for $135. Existing members click “Payments” under the Membership tab to purchase this item.

To join submit your membership application form here: https://adelphipool.org/membership/join/
Member Price
Family Membership 660
Couple Membership 495
Single Membership 415
Single Parent Family Membership 525


  • Family Membership – 2 adult household + kid(s)
  • Single Parent Family Membership – 1 adult household + kid(s) [Head of Household Filing Documentation Required]
  • Couple – 2 adults, no kids
  • Single – one adult 18 and over, no kids

From the By-laws Article 3 Membership:

Section 3. The purchaser of a Voting Membership or a Non-Voting Membership must report all members of the household to the Corporation upon payment of dues. Only bona fide members of the household reported to the Corporation may have access to the facilities. Members of the household shall be construed to mean individuals who share the same legal address and are:

a. Spouses or domestic partners (maximum of two adult Full Members per Voting
b. Minor dependents defined as those not yet 21 years of age by the Opening Day of the facilities; or
c. Full-time dependent students not yet 24 years of age by the Opening Day of the facilities.