Fool for the Pool, first ever winners announced

This year the Adelphi Pool Rec Committee has established a “Fool for the
Pool” weekly award!

We are SO SO proud to announce the winners of the FIRST EVER Fool for the
Pool award:

Lis and Eric Maring

I guess you could say Fools for the Pool!

Lis and Eric were nominated by a peer who emailed “wow did they really
really really work their tails off at the Pool work day!”

Lis and Eric your next slushy or ice cream treat is compliments of the
Adelphi Pool Rec Committee as a simple way to say a big thank you for all of
your hard work!

Do you know a Fool for the Pool?
Anyone from swim diapers to 102 years old is eligible.
Simply send an email with a sentence or two about why this person is
deserving of a Fool for the Pool award!

Great People. WE OPEN TOMORROW!  Great Pool.

Dawn Nichols
Fool for the Pool committee chair

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