Moving On

To the Adelphi Community,

As of this Tuesday, I have stepped down as the president of the board. My term would have ended next year but it is clear to me that this is the best time to step down. I have accomplished what I had hoped to accomplish and, together with many other members and board members, I have brought the pool to a place of which I can be proud.

This year we reached the point where we are no longer trying to attract new members and the board can turn towards strengthening the community among our existing members and decided what the right number of members should be. It is a new task and I am pleased to step aside and let others take the lead.

It has been a pleasure serving this community. The pool is a special place and I consider myself lucky that I had skills I could offer the pool. I enjoyed fixing things I could fix, building things I could build and planning for this day, the day when I would no longer be necessary.

I leave the pool in great hands. You should be proud of our board.

And I plan to join a committee and continue to volunteer for the pool.

Thank you,


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