Pool Closings

How cold does it have to be to close the pool?

The pool operating status should be listed on the web page in the upper right corner, or if closed, as a message on the front page.

The closing rules are here:


Weather related, specifically, the pool closes:

  • if the air temperature is less than 69 degrees F
  • if there is thunder or lightning, the pool is closed for 30 minutes
  • if it's raining so hard the lifeguards cannot see the bottom of the pool

Pool closed due to power outage from storm


Adelphi families,

We want to update you on the effects of tonight's storm at Adelphi. The storm blew in quickly at about 7 pm this evening. Strong winds threw chairs, leaves and branches into the pool, as folks were clearing off the deck. The guards and parents helped to get everyone safely into the breezeway - and everyone had free cookies and some pizza.

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