2017 Swim Team Registration

We are now accepting online registration and payment for the 2017 Adelphi Dolphins Swim Team Season! The schedule is posted at https://adelphipool.org/swimteam/schedule.

If you haven't yet submitted your pool membership (renew full member, join as seasonal or first time), please do that first here: https://adelphipool.org/membership/online/2017.

Once completed, please login, and then return here. You can use this link to login and return.

Fields with a red asterisk are required.

You'll first fill out information for each parent or guardian. Then, there is one section per swimmer for up to four swimmers. If you have more than four, please let us know. If you are a returning swim team member from last year, or you've filled out all your additional information this year when joining, you should just be able to enter the name of the person and it should do a search for it and find it. The swimmers should auto fill, but if not, enter their names and then the system should find it. If it fails to find it, please enter the information. It's important the birth dates be accurate as they determine the age group for the swimmer.

You should get a confirmation email on the registration process. Once you've submitted the information, you're not quite done. This takes care of the registration process. Next would be the payment, and you'll be taken to a place to enter your credit card information. Registration is not complete until payment is received.

Once you've paid, you'll get another confirmation message indicating your payment has been accepted (or not).

If you have already completed the registration but haven't paid, please use the payment option.

Please let us know if you any troubles with this registration or payment process by sending email to swimteam-registration-support@adelphipool.org.