Adelphi Dolphins Win 321-251 vs Greenbelt (July 11 2015)


We hope everyone enjoyed a great weekend of swim team events! Adelphi's home season came to a close with a smooth and convincing 321-251 win over the Barracudas of Greenbelt, and then we had great turnout and inspired lap swimming at our Swimathon. Once the fundraiser is finished, I'm sure we'll all be impressed. We also had a blast with the 13 and older swimmers who participated in the Team Sleepover. I hope that many of you took up our Greenbelt friends' invitation to a free Jurassic Park screening today; we coaches were in the midst of some much needed and well-earned naps. And it didn't even rain the whole meet!

On the swimming side, we had another great showing. After a few patchy weeks, nearly the whole team was in attendance, and it was good to see our full force. Greenbelt is not quite the team they used to be. We had a nice cushion from the butterfly events on, and we put together a dominating performance with a string of great races. It's also the time of year we mentioned early on; swimmers have begun to really put the stroke work and improved fitness together and drop significant amounts of time. We hope that is as rewarding for you and your swimmers as it is for us. A few special notes: huge congrats to the 8 and under relay team of Audrey Badrak, Gabe Roy, Eva Schultz, and Nathan Widman for breaking our team-pool record in the event! These kids have worked so hard in and out of practice chasing this record, and it was so fun to see them do it on Saturday. Also congrats to Greenbelt swimmer and friend of Adelphi, Zichao Liang, on breaking our pool record in the 13-14 Boys 50m breaststroke.

Coaches' Ten Standout Swims of the Week (in no particular order)



  • Andrew Ross's 25m Breaststroke
  • Julia Groen's 50m Freestyle
  • Chloe Widman's 50m Freestyle
  • Jason Cruz's 100m Freestyle
  • Noah Ekman's 50m Freestyle
  • Marco Chavez's 25m Breaststroke
  • Sigthor Waguespack's 25m Breaststroke
  • Amelia Lozano-Beckman's 50m Freestyle
  • Julia Beckmann's 50m Freestyle
  • Daniel Traves's 25m Backstroke

    While we have gotten used to swimming long-course, we're excited to return to easier short-course swimming at SBP this week. Along with a battle for another perfect 5-0 dual meet season, it will be a great chance to swim some really fast times.

    Just wanted to announce another pool record set Saturday that we just noticed: our Boys A Medley Relay broke Adelphi's pool record! Congrats to the team of Owen Roy, Andrew Williams, Coleman Witte, and Charlie Dawson! Hopefully a team record is on the way soon.


    Our meet program for tomorrow is attached, and you can also find the usual info on Meet Mobile under "Greenbelt @ Adelphi" (just search Adelphi).


    Results attached.