Adelphi Dolphins win 317-262 in Home Meet vs Hawthorne Country Club (June 27 2015)

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Outside of some rain, we had an excellent weekend. We improved to 2-0, with a convincing 317-262 win over a very good Hawthorne team. They were missing a few swimmers, but, swimming the way we did, having them wouldn't have made much of a difference in the outcome. We could tell going into the meet that, if we weren't swimming well, it could be a very tight meet and easily a loss. That did not happen. It was good to swim at home where we have a definite advantage in our 50m pool. Our finishes looked better this week, and our top-to-bottom effort did, too. We can definitely see the rust coming off and everyone getting back into race mode. It looks like nearly everyone posted at least one season-best time yesterday, which is great to see. We have some fun this week (beach trip), another great chance to race (Calverton B meet), and a lot of work to do. This is the part of the season where we start to ramp up the practice intensity.

The thing that impressed us the most was our attitude. It was a wet, cold and generally nasty day, but I don't think I heard anyone complain to Sabrina or I about the rain once. We just got in the water, swam fast, and did what we needed to do. We also made some strategic choices that sacrificed a number of swimmers' chances for individual success in favor of team success, and all of those swimmers embraced our decisions wholeheartedly. That speaks volumes about their character, and that's the type of selfless attitude we try to foster in our whole team.

Coaches' Top Ten Swims of the Week (in no particular order)

  1. Sarah Leonard's 50m Breaststroke
  2. Larissa Olson's 25m Freestyle
    • Beni Garcia's 25m (or 50m) Freestyle
    • Beni Garcia's Pirate Raincoat
  3. Dominic Giunta's 25m Breaststroke
  4. Emily Neher's 50m Freestyle
  5. Owen Roy's 50m Backstroke
  6. Audrey Badrak's 25m Breaststroke
  7. Girls B 200m Medley Relay (Nina Berard, Rachel DeVore, Catherine Peterson, Megan Leonard)
  8. Mixed 8 & Under A 100m Freestyle Relay (Gabe Roy, Eva Schultz, Audrey Badrak, Nathan Widman)
  9. Graydon Hipple's, Marco Chavez's, and Nathan Ekman's 25m Backstroke

Thanks again for all your hard work!

-- Coach Carl and Coach Sabrina


Our meet program for tomorrow is attached, and you can also find the usual info on Meet Mobile under "Hawthorne Country Club @ Adelphi" (just search Adelphi).


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