Bylaws :: Article X - Dues and Fees

Adelphi Recreation, Incorporated
(As amended and approved at the annual meeting on November 20, 2002)


Section 1

Subject to the provisions of Section 4 of this Article, facilities of the corporation shall be available to each shareholder and to members of his household upon payment of annual dues as fixed by the Board of Directors and the payment of any Federal excise tax which may be levied. Members of the shareholder(s) household shall be construed to mean individuals who share the same legal address as the shareholder(s) and are:

  1. the spouse of a shareholder where the share is held individually.
  2. minor dependents of the shareholder defined as those not yet 21 years of age by May 10 of the current calendar year.
  3. full time dependent students over 21 years of age.

All persons maintaining the same legal address as the shareholder, but not included in the above categories may, upon request of the shareholder, be granted a provisionary inclusion as a household member at a fee to be determined yearly by the Board of Directors. The facilities of the Corporation shall be available to guests of each shareholder upon payment of guest fees as fixed by the Board and payment of any federal excise tax.

Section 2

Dues and fees shall be sufficient to provide for the necessary operating expenses of the corporation and the proper maintenance and improvement of the facilities.
The corporation shall assess each shareholder an annual facility maintenance fee, payable on May 10, in addtion to the annual dues. For associate members and single members, the annual facility maintenance fee shall be half the fee assessed regular shareholders. Senior members, as defined in Article VII Section 1, shall be exempt from the annual facility maintenance fee. The facility maintenance fees (full and reduced ) shall be set annually by the Board. The facility maintenance fee shall not exceed 20% of the annual dues for a shareholder. That portion of facility maintenance fees remaining unspent at the end of the operating season shall be set aside in reserve to cover the cost of future maintenance and improvement of the Adelphi Recreation property.

Adult members of the shareholder’s family may perform volunteer work in lieu of the following year’s annual facility maintenance fee on maintenance projects approved by the Board of Directors. Directors, or their designated representative, will record shareholder hours of work on maintnenance projects. The Board of Directors shall determine yearly how many hours of maintenance work are required of a shareholder in lieu of the fee. The maximum credit to any shareholder in one year shall be 100% of the annual facility maintenance fee. Volunteer maintenance work shall in no way entitle any shareholder to a credit exceeding 100% of the annual maintenance fee, nor to any cash payment.
The Board shall waive the facility maintenance fee payable on May 10 of the following year for those shareholders who perform volunteer maintenance projects in lieu of the facility maintenance fee . Directors, or their designated representative, will record shareholder hours of work on approved maintenance projects. Shareholder volunteers are personally responsible to assure that they work sufficient hours on maintenance projects approved by the Board to earn credit for the facility maintenance fee. Shareholders not completing sufficient maintenance hours shall be assessed any unpaid facility fee in addition to the following year’s facility maintenance fee, both fees payable on May 10 of the following year in addition to annual dues.

Section 3

Annual dues for a family shall not be increased by more than 25% any year.

Section 4

The corporation's operating budget is based upon the number of current dues-paying members in good standing . All members will be assessed annual dues unless they have requested in writing to have their share placed on the resignation list, by submitting a written resignation postmarked on or before May 10 of the current calendar year. Any shareholder failing to pay dues by May 10 or other indebtedness (including dues of new members joining after May 10) before the 10th day of the month following the month in which a statement of his indebtedness shall have been sent to him, shall be assessed a service charge of an amount to be determined by the Board of Directors. Such shareholder and all members of his household shall be barred from the use of the facilities until such dues or other indebtedness, including service charge, are paid. The Board of Directors at its discretion may waive annual dues and/or the service charge under extenuating circumstances, upon written request of the shareholder.

Section 5

If a shareholder is barred from the facilities of the corporation for any cause, all indebtedness to the corporation shall be a lien upon, and charged against his share, and the share may be retired by the corporation to liquidate such indebtedness.

Section 6

The shareholder and the seasonal member shall be responsible for the payment of all charges and liabilities imposed upon or incurred by, members of his household to whom the privileges of the corporation shall have been extended, and for all charges and liabilities imposed upon, or incurred by, guests sponsored by him or by a member of his household.

Section 7

All fees and other charges mentioned herein are exclusive of any taxes levied by Federal, State and other governmental bodies and agencies.