Bylaws :: Article VIII - Shareholders Meetings

Adelphi Recreation, Incorporated
(As amended and approved at the annual meeting on November 20, 2002)


Section 1

The Annual meeting of the shareholders shall be held in November of each year at such time and place as the Board of Directors shall designate.

Section 2

A special meeting of the shareholders may be called by the president and shall be called by him on the written request of not fewer than 10 percent of theholders of dues-paying shares at the time of request.

Section 3

At least 7 days before the date of any annual or special meeting of the shareholders, the secretary shall cause written notice thereof to be delivered or mailed to each shareholder at the address appearing for such shareholder on the records of the corporation.

Section 4

At any special meeting, the holders of 10 percent of the dues-paying shares shall constitute a quorum.

Section 5

Seven days prior to any annual or special meeting, the transfer books of the corporation shall be closed and the list of shareholders eligible to vote shall be made up. Each shareholder may vote in person only.