Bylaws :: Article VI - Standing Committees

Adelphi Recreation, Incorporated
(As amended and approved at the annual meeting on November 20, 2002)


Section 1

Directors shall be elected as chairs of standing committees with the following duties and be responsible for submitting appropriate plans and recommendations to the Board of Directors and for carrying out and administering the decisions of the Board. All individuals serving on a standing committee must be from a shareholder's household which is in good standing with the corporation. The membership in each committee will expire at the annual meeting of the shareholders.

  1. Recreation Committee: to promote the recreation and general welfare of the community, and to coordinate use of facilities by residents of the community.
  2. Operations Committee: to
    1. Be responsible for daily operation of the facilities during the pool season.
    2. Hire pool manager and front desk staff, verify that employees have submitted proof of all required certifications, review employee time sheets and certify correctness, ensure efficient staff scheduling.
    3. Prepare regulations for use of grounds and facilities. Determine who may use the grounds and facilities and under what conditions, provided that neither shareholders nor members of their households may be denied the use of the facilities under appropriate rules except for failure to comply with regulations or pay dues or fees, or for unacceptable conduct thereat. Use of Adelphi Recreation Incorporated facilities by nonmembers is subject to approval by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.
    4. Review complaints and concerns of employees and members and refer to Board of Directors as necessary.
  3. Engineering, Construction, and Maintenance Committee: to plan for and supervise the construction, technical operation and repair of all corporate facilities.
  4. Membership Committee: to
    1. Receive and review all applications to become shareholders . Compile and maintain a database with membership names, addresses, membership status, and other contact information. Maintain transfer books of membership shares. Maintain and report to Board statistics on numbers of members in various membership categories.
    2. Propose and develop marketing plans to solicit new shareholders among residents of the community.
    3. Advise new residents of the purpose of the corporation, its functions and the methods of obtaining shares therein.
    4. Recommend changes in membership dues and fees.
    5. Deal with membership issues and receive requests for fee waivers and other special circumstances.
  5. By-Laws and Finance Committee to:
    1. Study and recommend changes in the By-Laws and rules of the corporation.
    2. Prepare the annual budget for submission to and approval by the Board of Directors and to make recommendations with reference to financial matters of the corporation.
  6. Swim Team Committee: to
    1. Promote good sportsmanship and competitive spirit among young people interested in swim competition.
    2. Maintain Swim Team records and coordinate the activities of the Swim Team, including those of the coach, meet manager, and Princemont League representative.

Section 2

The president shall appoint such other standing and temporary committees as he shall deem necessary or expedient for the welfare of the corporation or the community. It shall be within his discretion to determine whether members in good standing of a young people's organization may serve on such committees.