2017 Online Registration and Payment


Here is where you may submit online registration and payment for the 2017 Adelphi Pool Season!

Make sure that you log in before attempting to register. This may make it easier to submit the form. Note that this year there is another question about volunteering on a committee or for the work day, and we are collecting supplemental information to improve our database


You will be prompted to create an account on the site to register during the registration process. If you didn't have an account, you do not need to do this separately (it's better if you don't). This is important for maintaining our membership database to be able to contact you throughout the year, at next renewal time (you won't need to fill out all the information again), and for upcoming activities such as swim team registration, volunteer opportunities, and so forth. You will be able to link your login to external sources, such as Facebook and Google (more providers coming). This will make it much easier to log in. We strongly urge you to link these so you don't have troubles remembering yet another password the next time.

Your personal information is not available for anyone to see as we use encryption for the registration. We do not store or see your credit card information. We get transaction numbers from the payment vendor.


We eliminated the "blue card" for family member information last year and replaced it with an online process, one that happens after completing payment. Unfortunately, many people didn't submit the information. This is important to have an understanding of the pool membership makeup. Please be sure to complete this during the registration process, and to complete it accurately (use real birth dates, for example). If you did it last year, and your family didn't change at all, you do not need to redo it. If you didn't do it last year, or are new, please fill out the information.

If you were a swim team family last year, and didn't submit this additional information last year, the system will pre-fill all the information from swim team registration. You may simply need to add any additional children and/or other family members not on the team.


If you've been thinking about joining the pool, getting out of the heat, you can buy a rest of the season special membership for your family from August 1 through closing on Labor Day for $175. Visit August Coupon Special Membership, fill out the form, register and pay. Credit card only accepted. This offer closes Sunday August 6 at 11:59pm.


If you won a month membership at a local auction at school or church fundraisers, congratulations! Please visit Auction Membership, fill out the form, complete the followup additional section after the thank you page, and you'll receive a member number soon after confirmation of the auction item.


After completion of the process, you will get a confirmation email message.
You may pay through a credit card, with a PayPal account, or you can still send a check.


If you have any questions about this or problems with registration, please contact help@adelphipool.org. If you can, please send a screenshot showing whatever error message is on the screen. A photo of the screen is also acceptable.

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