Email Lists


We are working on building some email enabled membership and notification into this site. Until that's ready, we will be using Google Groups for email notification and this web site in tandem.

We have two main Google Groups for maintaining membership and swim team communications.

Adelphi Pool Member List

If you are a pool member, please sign up to be a list member:

This list is moderated and only a few people can post. They would send notices of closings, membership info, special events, etc.

The address of the list is

Swim Team List

If you are on the swim team, it is very important that you sign up for the swim team list. Notices and communications will go out to this list. We'll try to populate it with as many people for whom we have email addresses, but please double-check that the email account you use and check frequently is on the list.

This is a discussion list, so you must be a member of the list to post.

The address of the list is: